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Astounding Accuracy — How Professional Drones Help Water & Environmental Technologies to Map Safer, Faster & With Greater Precision

Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) is a civil engineering and environmental firm that relies on professional drone (UAV) technology to serve its clients in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Waypoint recently sat down with Stephen Frazee, Project Engineer at WET, to learn more about the company, how drones are helping…

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What I Learned From 1,000 Professional Drone Flights — With Pablo Sandoval Mastandrea of 21SUR Aerospace, Uruguay

With over eight years of fixed-wing UAV experience, spanning over 1,000 commercial flight operations, the founder of 21SUR Aerospace, Pablo Sandoval Mastandrea, knows a thing or two about what makes commercial drone operations work. Here he talks to Waypoint about his team’s many learnings and how crucial BVLOS work will…

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