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Right on Track – Surveying a Californian Rail Line Using an eBee RTK UAV

Now available to read/download, senseFly’s latest case study details how transportation-engineering firm, J.L. Patterson & Associates, Inc. (JLP) surveyed a 30-mile rail corridor using an eBee RTK. The result: “Phenomenal” data accuracy, the job completed in a quarter of the time terrestrial surveying would have taken, and at half the cost of using manned aerial…

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Using Drones in Archeology – An Omani Case Study

Now available to read/download, senseFly’s latest case study digs into ongoing research by the French Archaeological Mission to Adam, which earlier this year employed unmanned eBee drones for the very first time. The result? A lot of time saved and the identification of never-before-found structures that might otherwise have remained…

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Drone Shot of the Month – Arctic Beach

Every year our design team creates an exclusive senseFly wall calendar featuring 12 unique images captured by our professional mapping drones. For the second shot in our 2016 series, we have a bird’s eye view of an alluring, turquoise-watered arctic beach. Located in Greenland’s Nuuk fiord region, this beach is home to…

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